ashley sudan photos 002

The amazingly talented Ashley Proud has kindly allowed us to use her photo of sheiks in Darfur as a potential cover for Chasing Misery. What do you think? Do you have another photo that you’d like us to consider? Send me a message and I’ll let you know the terms and requirements!


Greetings! We are in the midst of putting together the first volume of, Chasing Misery. Want to know more?

Chasing Misery is an anthology of essays written by women working in humanitarian responses. It will incorporate different voices and experiences into a single volume about humanitarian work. We’re looking to express more of the complexity, depth and impact of aid work on both recipients and aid workers themselves. We want to peel back the ‘do-gooder’ veneer and take a deeper look at the rawness of the work – the fatigue, humour, frustration, hope, despair – in the experiences of our writers.

What are the parameters and guidelines? Well, we’re currently looking for essay submissions:

  • between 1,000-4,000 words;
  • written in the first person by a woman who was involved in a humanitarian response in the past ten years (could be NGO, UN, donor, recipient – all voices are welcome);
  • expressing a consequential event in that woman’s life or capturing a realization and expressing a strong emotion – funny, sad, absurd, difficult, you name it.
  • should not have been previously published or scheduled for publication;

How to submit?

Send your essays to by 30 March 2013 with the email subject line: humanitarian essay. The essay should be spell checked and written in MS Word included to the email as an attachment. The email should contain the following information: 1) writer’s name; 2) email address; 3) current phone number; 4) essay title; 5) essay word count; 6) country/area/situation/response in which the essay is set along with the date of that response.

What happens then? 

Following the deadline the editorial team will meet to review essays. Only selected essay authors will be contacted following the selection. Selected essay authors will be contacted regarding publication plans and contracting for publication.

Got an idea but not sure about it? 

Send me an email ( and we can have a think about it. Got something in the closet gathering dust and you’d like to know whether to work on it? Send it through and we’ll send you our thoughts back! Want to read an article that is queued for publication? Send an email and we’ll let you read one!