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A great review thanks to Tobias Denskus, a Senior Lecturer in Communication for Development in the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University in Sweden! To read the full review, click here.

It is difficult to do the book justice by highlighting a few themes, vignettes and quotes. Chasing Misery is a mature, well-written and –edited anthology that represents many of the aspects that make aid work(er) literature important and powerful.
Whether you add the book as a teaching resource, share it as an inspiration for students to reflect on their own professionalism or give it as a gift to aspiring aid workers or curious ‘civilians’, this is a book that should be shared widely.



I love this picture! We’re now moving along to try #24. As you’ve probably seen we didn’t quite reach our Kickstarter funding. What does that mean? Well, for every grey cloud there’s a silver lining. What we realised in watching the funding come in is that we know most of you and most of you know us. Why are we paying 5% to Amazon and 5% to Kickstarter when you can help fund this without taking that cut? Moreover, a lot of that $11,000-odd budget was to cover things like postage and prizes that we might/might not have had to ship.

So, our Plan B is this. There’s a number of ways that you can help support this still…

1. If you know me personally and think I’m a reasonably safe bet you can send me your support through paypal. Click here to use your paypal or credit card.

2. If you’d rather send a cheque, wire transfer, or credit card details and we can process whatever amount you would like to contribute.

3. We’re going to put up a new funding project on in coming days. This website is like Kickstarter but they let you keep proceeds even if you don’t reach your goal. (Taking a 9% cut if you don’t and a 4% cut if you do).

Any way you choose, once you’re on a contributor list we’ll still send you the prizes that were listed on Kickstarter as well as sending you the budget and keep you informed of how we’re spending the money for accountability purposes.

If you didn’t get a chance to kick in on Kickstarter and want to be a supporter (uhhh, I’m lookin’ at you DAD!!) then send me an email and we’ll get you on board!

Sound like a plan? Right! Go!


From the lyrics of another fabulous red-head in the musical, Annie. “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow! You’re only a daaaay, aaaaa-way!”

Tomorrow’s the 30th of March and the deadline for essay submissions. Thanks to everyone who’s sent in their great submissions so far. And looking forward to seeing what the rest of you will be sending along!


Our Kickstarter project is now up and running and we have 28 more days to raise all the money that we need to get this published and out into the world. There’s some great prizes so if you’re interested in this at all consider contributing and you’ll get the ebook or copies of the real deal!

P.S. We wanted to give money to Headington Institute so they could develop online resources to support women working in emergencies but Kickstarter doesn’t allow parts of donations to go to charities. We’re still thinking of ways that we can work with and contribute to Headington’s great work though – so stay tuned…


Well, for those of you who may not yet know – we’re considering ‘kickstarting’ ( this project in order to publish the initial run of Chasing Misery. As one of our ‘prizes’ we’ll be donating a portion of kickstarter proceeds to the amazing Headington Institute. Haven’t heard of Headington? They provide psychosocial support to caregivers, including aid workers, who sometimes need a helping hand in processing what they’ve seen and experienced. Headington will be using the proceeds received from the Chasing Misery kickstart project to develop free, online resources specifically for global female humanitarian staff responding in global emergencies. Want to know more? Click here!