Plan B…



I love this picture! We’re now moving along to try #24. As you’ve probably seen we didn’t quite reach our Kickstarter funding. What does that mean? Well, for every grey cloud there’s a silver lining. What we realised in watching the funding come in is that we know most of you and most of you know us. Why are we paying 5% to Amazon and 5% to Kickstarter when you can help fund this without taking that cut? Moreover, a lot of that $11,000-odd budget was to cover things like postage and prizes that we might/might not have had to ship.

So, our Plan B is this. There’s a number of ways that you can help support this still…

1. If you know me personally and think I’m a reasonably safe bet you can send me your support through paypal. Click here to use your paypal or credit card.

2. If you’d rather send a cheque, wire transfer, or credit card details and we can process whatever amount you would like to contribute.

3. We’re going to put up a new funding project on in coming days. This website is like Kickstarter but they let you keep proceeds even if you don’t reach your goal. (Taking a 9% cut if you don’t and a 4% cut if you do).

Any way you choose, once you’re on a contributor list we’ll still send you the prizes that were listed on Kickstarter as well as sending you the budget and keep you informed of how we’re spending the money for accountability purposes.

If you didn’t get a chance to kick in on Kickstarter and want to be a supporter (uhhh, I’m lookin’ at you DAD!!) then send me an email and we’ll get you on board!

Sound like a plan? Right! Go!